How it all began

The constant attention to detail, to quality, to uniqueness; my passion for color and balance; this is what I identify as a fashionable style known as MickPiace. Made in Italy, a place we’ve grown to cherish since birth and one which allowed us to play and stroll through paths saturated in art and history. Italy, where we smell the scents that continue to inspire nostalgia and style. Those are the scents and colors that our grandparents worked so hard to bring across the ocean to America during difficult times.

Today, MickPiace exists because of the wonderful stories that my grandfather told. It came to light with the determination of sharing the artisan and the unique style that belongs to us, a deep desire that runs in our blood. MickPiace is a colourful path through the beauty of life, happiness, and Italian sense for quality and resilience.


Early on

For travelers in the mid-century, taking that Transatlantic voyage was the only sign of hope, of having a sense of identity, belonging, and dignity. Among those travelers was my grandfather who, with his art of tailoring, became loved in New York during the 1950s. He was a skilled artisan and a curious, talented man that, back in the ’50s, crossed the ocean and built his own personal brand in NYC.

Grateful for the opportunity, my grandfather had mixed feelings leaving for the New World. Though he was no longer living in his native country, he boldly pursued the possibility to live a life with dignity in order to build a future for his family and create a brand of his own, “Magnifico Italiano”.


Every piece from MickPiace distinguishes itself through its attention to detail, superior material quality, and skilled fabrication, exclusively handmade in Italy.

MickPiace brings across the ocean the tradition of the true masters that create beautiful pieces, who have now chosen to unite their traditions and experience to the dream that is the MickPiace style. All creations, both shoes and accessories, are handcrafted in Italy by master artisans who’ve dedicated their lives to perfection.

As a young girl, I spent years of my childhood listening to his tales, retaining anecdotes of an adventurous life and an indomitable spirit. Today, with all its colors and patterns, with impeccable attention to detail, MickPiace is dedicated to enriching the women of our time, the true holders of inner light and lasting beauty.

Handcrafted Shoes, Jewelry, and Beachwear by MickPiace

Superior Quality. Skilled Fabrication. Handmade in Italy.


Handcrafted Shoes, Jewelry, and Beachwear made in Italy.